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MONTHLY NEWS AND INFORMATION FOR CURRENT AND FUTURE RETIREES PRESENTED BY AAA RETIRE – DECEMBER 2021 QUOTE OF THE MONTH “Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.” FRED ROGERS WHEN YOU ARE WITHIN FIVE YEARS OF RETIREMENT If your anticipated […]

Biden Signs Infrastructure Bill

Biden Signs Infrastructure Bill The bill will create jobs in many parts of the country. Provided by AAA Retire At the White House on Monday, President Biden signed a $1T bipartisan infrastructure set to enable enhancements for transportation and utilities over the next five years.1 Over those five years, $550 […]

Will Social Security Run Out Of Money?

The third way to possibly put the Social Security system back on track is to follow the route that other entitlement programs, Medicare, has done. Medicare premium has been means-based tested. Meaning, the more you make the more you pay. For example, if you are married and make less than […]

Will Social Security Run Out Of Money?

It is essential to know that changes to the Social Security system is not new and have occurred regularly throughout history — often with a minimal negative impact on current retirees. Historically, when the United States has struggled with Social Security challenges, legislation has been drafted to address these issues. […]

Will Social Security Run Out Of Money?

It is no secret that the Social Security system is facing challenges, and people are nervous. In fact, with the pandemic causing record-high unemployment numbers and fewer people paying into the system, many have estimated that the Social Security program will run out of funds even faster than initially projected […]